Employment Opportunities:


Location: Mexico, MO 65265


Provides technical expertise and leadership in handling customer-driven and internal product changes, launching new products, and post-launch activities, ensuring successful execution of changes and launching of new products and customer satisfaction. As part of the Engineering team, contributes to the attainment of department goals/objectives and to the establishment of guidelines, documentation, planning/development and advancement of the department.


Product Engineering Activities
1. Leads and manages all customer-driven and internal product changes. Assesses the impact of customer or Spartan requested changes on product shape, manufacturability, process, function and quality. Assesses the impact of changes on product financials (amortization balance) and capacity (volume/cycle time changes).
2. Participates in design reviews for new products, tools, processes, and equipment. Reviews designs for manufacturability and performs risk assessments.
3. Leads all design efforts for product, components and tooling for die cast and M&A operations.
4. Participates in die cast and machining and assembly equipment run-offs.
5. Assists in quoting the costs and timing associated with changes on products.
6. Issues purchase orders to suppliers for work associated with product engineering changes.
7. Authors and keeps timeline associated with implementing product changes.
8. Provides oversight of tooling, process, and document changes associated with the requested change and with assistance from Manufacturing  and Quality Engineering.
Launch Engineering Activities
9. Provides project management and technical leadership in launch activities, ensuring the New Product Review process (NPR) is followed.
10. Maintains budgets within the guidelines for Tooling Manufacturing Order (TMO).
11. Establishes and receives approval for the cash flow.
12. Works within the Customer’s Quality Management System requirements for product development and submission guidelines. (APQP, NMR, SQAM, QS are examples of these specifications).
13. Performs procurement functions, which includes, establishing performance specifications on all purchases such as gage R&R, production rates, quality levels and machine efficiencies.
14. Supports Manufacturing Engineering in the development of die cast, M&A, and material flow processes.
15. Lead in the creation of testing matrix that assures product and process validation.


• Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related degree with minimum of 6 years experience.
• Proficient skills in the following:

  • CAD, PQ2, GD & T, and 5s and visual factory concepts.
  • Gating, runner design, atomization, gate velocity, and tool design.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques and programs.
  • Blue print/part print reading skills.