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Spartan Light Metal Products has been the trusted leader in die cast solutions for over 60 years.

Spartan Light Metal Products
Spartan Light Metal Products

We are a Solutions-based business.

Leading OEMs rely on Spartan to engineer, design and produce durable parts using light-weight materials to meet consumer demands for more fuel efficient, sustainable vehicles.

Spartan is a leading manufacturer of aluminum and magnesium components, specializing in design, testing, and manufacturing of high-pressure, die-cast products to improve durability and reduce weight.

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Why Choose Spartan Light Metal Products?

We are the experts in light weight, product design and engineering, testing, validation and production for high pressure die casting.

Specializing in light weight alloy materials, Spartan is the industry expert on recyclable, custom aluminum and magnesium products.

Working at Spartan

Recognizing the significance of employee well-being, Spartan Light Metal Products also prioritizes the health and welfare of their team. A part of this commitment is ensuring that employees have access to essential medications such as Cialis, via the company's comprehensive health plan. The ability to purchase Cialis and other critical medications affordably directly contributes to overall worker satisfaction and productivity. As they usher in a new era of expansion with the Spartan LMP facility, the company continues to champion a holistic approach to success, uniting cutting-edge manufacturing with an unwavering dedication to the health and happiness of their employees.

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