Leading the Industry for Over 60 Years

Spartan Light Metal Products have been producing complex engineering solutions for over 60 years.

In 1961, Spartan Light Metal Products was founded by Henry Jubel in Sparta, IL.

Sparta, IL., home of the company’s first foundry and what is now one of Spartan’s four flagship engineering and manufacturing facilities.

In 1978, Spartan developed B390 wear-resistant aluminum alloy and soon became the first company in North America to offer commercial magnesium die-cast products.

Today, Spartan has become the go-to expert in light-weight die-casting and specializes in tackling complex engineering challenges to deliver the highest quality products for leading manufacturing companies around the world.

Spartan Leadership

Henry Jubel's Leadership Principles

The leadership principles created and instilled by Henry Jubel prioritize employees as the company’s most valuable resource.

Spartan has built a culture based on servant leadership, collaboration, and a commitment to quality and excellence that helps us attract and retain a talented team of employees dedicated to our common goal.

Spartan Core Values
  • Taking ownership of work and products.
  • Being committed to personal excellence
  • Working with a sense of urgency to continuously improve
  • Remaining open and flexible to change
  • Being accountable for our performance
  • Creating a work environment in which employees are engaged and cooperate with each other.
  • Being respectful, helpful, supportive and encouraging.
  • Working together to improve performance with a mutual obligation towards fellow coworkers
  • Providing all stakeholders with value that creates supporters and promoters of Spartan.
  • Being responsive and helpful, providing fair exchange, and keeping our commitments.
  • Ensuring satisfaction with Spartan is a daily initiative
  • Dealing with all stakeholders in an ethical manner.
  • Promoting openness, trust, fairness, genuineness and candor
  • Practicing "Servant Leadership"
  • Emphasizing trust, empathy and collaboration daily.
  • Making a conscious decision to lead to better serve others, not to increase one's own power.
  • Embracing founder Henry Jubel's Inverted Triangle Leadership Principle
Spartan Leadership Principles
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